How to use branded bags for the promotion of your brand

The significance of promotional bags or branded bags is paramount, and it can be used or reused in several ways. A majority of the businesses have capitalized on promotional products and they have integrated branded bags into the scene for meeting a maximum number of goals at a time.

The recent stats has revealed that 8 in 10 consumers are likely to own between one and ten promotional products, and 53% of the recipients are likely to use the branded products once in a week. Then, 6 in 10 of the recipients are likely to keep the products for two years, whereas, only one is five people is likely to get rid of the promotional product.

Similar statistics could be applied to the branded bags as well—let’s have a look at how can a business utilize branded bags for the promotion of its brand:

1. Take it to a show:

If you are visiting a conference meeting or job fair then, you should distribute branded bags to the attendees of the trade show. Nearly 72% of the recipients of the promotional products are likely to remember the name of the product, and they would be interested in learning more about your business if you provide them with a branded bag full of branded goodies.

2. Reward clients:

If you have sealed a deal with prospective client, it is always a commendable idea to reward them with your business’ amenities and essentials. You can invest in Annie tote bags for branded bags, and your clients would be pleased to receive the goodies from you.

3. Fill it up

When considering the distribution of promotional bags, you can fill it up with your brands’ coupons, brochures, and mugs or key chains, and it would make an excellent corporate giveaways.

4. Use for donation purposes

If you are participating in customer social responsibility (CSR) then, you can further the name of your business by donating your branded bags to the organizations, and it would play a crucial role in the promotion of your name to the recipient of the bag.